Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a job?

If the files are correct and complete, your proof can generally be ready for dispatch in five working days. If we are required to design a cover it will take longer, depending on workload and complexity. Once everything is finalised a print run usually takes ten days.

Does it cost more to print in colour than black and white?

Colour printing costs more than black and white and is charged on a per page basis, but our new equipment ensures that it is no longer necessary to group colour pages together. The cost is the same even if colour pages are placed at random throughout the book.

If you are wishing to print your book in just black and white, there is no extra charge for printing photos and images. Although if your book does have a lot of pictures, we would recommend higher quality paper for better print results.

Can I get my book cover designed by PRINTABOOK?

Yes you can. We recommend that you get your book cover professionally designed by one of the Printabook graphic designers. Cover design is something that cannot be done without the proper programs. For example it isn't possible to create a well designed wrap around cover with colour to bleed, and an allowance for a spine, on Microsoft Word. There is a special section on our quote request form for you to describe your requirements for the design of a cover, alternatively you can phone us or pop in and visit us. Let us help you turn your hard work into a professional bookstore-quality book. Find out more on our Book Cover Design page.

How can I make payment?

Our payment methods are by credit card (VISA and Mastercard), cheque or by direct debit into our bank account. Payment is required before the books are dispatched. Commercial organisations can apply to pay on account by completing our credit application form. Proofs remain our property unless the job is paid for.

Do I get hard copy proofs of my book to look over?

Yes you do. All prices provided by us include two proof copies of your book. This enables you to see the cover design and make any changes that are required to the text. Additional proofs will incur an extra charge. Once the final proof has been agreed upon you must verify, by email, that you have given approval for your books to be printed. This will be regarded as a contract to print your books at the agreed price.

If, after seeing a proof copy you decide not to go ahead you will be required to return the proof or pay for the cost of its production.


Can I visit PRINTABOOK in person?

Yes you can, if you feel more comfortable doing so, we would love for you to come visit us and discuss your publication with one of our experienced staff. Visit us at 32 Lodestar Ave, Wigram. We are part of Microfilm Digital Print.


Can somebody proofread and edit my book for me?

Yes, we have a wide range of professionals from around New Zealand within the PRINTABOOK community that can help you get your publication ready for printing. Whether you need a book editor, proofreader, publishing consultant, typesetter or book designer, you can find the suitable person on our Additional Services page.


Do you have a recycled paper I can use to make an ECO-friendly book?

Yes we do. It is 100% recycled paper. You can find out more on the Paper Options page.


Can I supply alternate file types other than PDF?

If you would like to send us files from programs such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign that are not PDF's we would ask that there is just one file for the complete book and that common fonts are used. If images are linked they must be included in an associated folder along with any fonts used in a separate folder as well. If reformatting or other layout work is required to be done by us there will be extra charges. As indicated elsewhere in this site the most efficient, and therefore cost effective method of providing files for us to print from is by the use of PDF's.

How can I promote and sell my book after PRINTABOOK has produced it?

If your book has general appeal we recommend Nationwide Book Distributors as a company that can market books to retail book stores for you. See

If your book is a local New Zealand history, family history, New Zealand sporting topic, war history, community interest or specialist subject book we may be able to have it marketed for you through Smith's Bookshop. See