Upload PDF Files

Use this page to send files directly to our server for printing.

  • This upload facility can take files directly from your computer to our server
  • It is faster and can handle much bigger files than can normally be attached to an email
  • The maximum size file that this upload can take is 200mb
  • We only recommend that you use it if you have broadband
  • The alternative is to post a disk to us, Printabook, P O Box 36411, Christchurch 8146

Take the following steps:

  • Only use this upload facility after you have made yourself familiar with our service by reading the information on the other pages in this site
  • Fill out your details so that we can always contact you
  • Choose the file that you want to send us by using the "Choose File" button on this page
  • Click "Upload" to send the file to us

We suggest you compress files using zip compression, especially if you have multiple files to upload. A single zip file is much simpler to upload and smaller file size will improve upload speed.

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