Pictures & Photo's


Full colour and black and white images can be printed on any page of your book.

Colour printing costs more than black and white and is charged on a per page basis, but our new equipment ensures that it is no longer necessary to group colour pages together. The cost is the same even if colour pages are placed at random throughout the book.

If you are wishing to print your book in just black and white, there is no extra charge for printing photos and images. Although if your book does have a lot of pictures, we would recommend higher quality paper for better print results.


Images can be supplied to us as part of your digital file or in their original format for scanning. It is best to supply original images where possible. Pictures, photos and illustrations up to very large sizes can be scanned, cropped and reduced in size to fit onto the pages of a document. For highest quality, original images should be supplied rather than copies.

If supplying hard copy with pictures that are the incorrect size, leave spaces in the text and if desired include captions in the text beside the space where the pictures are to go. We will then scan the pictures and reduce them to fit.

If supplying only the text portion of a document on disk or by email you can leave spaces and supply the photos separately so that we can scan, size and insert them.

If you are supplying digital images, it is helpful to have a list of the file names matched to their captions and position in the book.

Scanning Your Own Images

Scanners, computers and printing systems can be calibrated differently. If you intend to use your own scanner it is strongly recommended that you send test scans to us for printing. Do this prior to scanning all the images for a complete document. If you would prefer, we can scan, edit and insert photos into your book as part of our layout service.

Images From the Internet

Internet images are often of a low resolution and not suitable for printing. We can easily check this for you if you supply them to us on a pen drive or CD. Copyright may also be a problem with internet images and permission needs to be sought before they can be used. Please see the copyright section on the Self Publishing Info page for more information. There are also several internet sites where you can purchase high resolution copyright free images on general subject matter.