Free Guide to Printing Books and Self Publishing

Twelfth Edition available NOW

This excellent informative guide to self publishing and book printing is now in its twelfth edition. First published in 1995 it has been continually added to and constitutes a comprehensive source of information on printing books in New Zealand. Although written for Printabook customers it contains useful information for anyone contemplating publishing their own books.

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Free Info Book


The Printabook Guide to Self Publishing contains the following information:

  • The creative exercise of writing and printing a book
  • Useful web sites
  • People who can help
  • Descriptions of booklets and books
  • Binding styles
  • Book sizes
  • Paper samples

Supplying Files

  • PDF and print ready files
  • Supplying other types of files
  • Supplying hard copy text
  • Supplying pictures and Images
  • Other important factors relating to computer files
  • Page numbering
  • Margins
  • Style of text and layout
  • Divisions of text
  • Covers
  • Supplying cover files

Information on Self Publishing

  • The need for assistance
  • Relevant professional services
  • Copyright
  • ISBN numbers
  • Barcodes
  • Legal Deposit
  • Launching and selling your book
  • E-Books
  • Production time
  • Costs
  • Checklist for production
  • Checklist of common problems

To receive your free information book simply click the link above or email Provide a New Zealand postal address and a copy will be sent to you without charge.

You can also phone (03) 353 0739 during business hours, give your details, and ask for a copy to be posted.