Auckland Independent Book Consultants

Below are the Independent Book Consultants listed within the Auckland Region.

Katrien Blomme – ProofPal Ltd – Professional Proofreader and Copy Editor


Do you want your Ts crossed and your Is dotted? Look no further! Meticulous, and yes, almost pedantic (OK I am pedantic) about the details, I will proofread and copy edit your work with great care and attention.

I am a naturally detail-focused person with proven proofreading capabilities, a love of books and a background in academic environments where precision is vital.

My qualifications include a Diploma in Proofreading and Copy Editing obtained from the New Zealand Institute of Business, a Bachelor of Library Science and a Certificate in Medical Terminology. I have a history of working within academic environments requiring exceptional attention to detail.

I provide a professional proofreading and copy editing service for authors, students, academics and corporations.

My core skills include:

  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent time management; juggle multiple demands, prioritise effectively and deliver quality results
  • Numerically and analytically strong with good investigative and research skills
  • Outstanding problem-solving capabilities and the talent for remaining calm under pressure
  • Superior work standards with a strong sense of professionalism and self-motivation

I am available to proofread and copy edit any text or document, with a natural flair for non-fiction including medical, scientific, legal or academic work. Business documentation including brochures, catalogues, price lists, newsletters, forms, memos or reports. Theses, essays, research findings. Any subject matter, for any target audience.

As a native Belgian I can also offer an English/Dutch – Dutch/English translation service.

Contact details: Katrien Bloome, Mobile: 027 737 4626, Email: Website:

Jocelyn Alesana-Rennie – Practical English


Practical English offers high quality writing, editing and proofreading services including simplification and clarity, for:

  1. central and local government reports and publications
  2. local and international business documents
  3. contracts
  4. legal documents
  5. websites
  6. public education material
  7. annual reports
  8. technical publications and manuals
  9. fiction and non fiction.

Workshops can be arranged anywhere in New Zealand and Australia covering

  1. in house style
  2. plain English writing skills
  3. writing for your readers
  4. punctuation and grammar
  5. report writing.

About Practical English

Practical English means writing plain English that the reader will understand immediately.

Practical English delivers written material that is concise, accurate, clear and consistent.

Editing and writing services are offered internationally on line.

Face to face client consultation and contracted services are offered within the Auckland region and throughout New Zealand and Australia where required.

Contact details: Jocelyn Alesana-Rennie, MA Hons. English, Ph: 09 418 1337, Mobile: 021 027 18795, Email: Visit Jocelyn's website

Jim Allnatt


  • Research
  • Layout and composition of books
  • Writing

Jim is the archivist for the Auckland Cricket Association and he has written and published two books on the subject. One of these, Auckland Cricket - The Victorian Era, a hard cover edition. was printed through this site. He is currently writing the history of Masport, an iconic New Zealand Company, who are celebrating their Centenary in 2010

Jim's expertise is in finding historical information and editing and compiling books about sporting and other organisations. He will be pleased to be contacted for assistance on projects of this type.

Contact details: Jim Allnatt, Ph: 09 534 3382, Email:

Geoff Walker – Publishing Consultant 


  • Manuscript assessment                                
  • Rewriting, co-authoring, ‘ghost’ writing
  • Editing (including both structural editing and copy editing)
  • Self-publishing
  • E-book publishing
  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Consultancy services

Formerly for many years Publishing Director of Penguin New Zealand, where his books won many awards, Geoff Walker has books in his blood! He is highly regarded throughout the New Zealand book world and knows the local publishing scene inside out.

Geoff will assess your initial manuscript and offer expert advice on writing, rewriting and editing, all of which he’ll undertake himself. He’s also available for non-fiction co-authoring or ‘ghost’ writing.

He’ll also advise on the best way for you to publish, including suggesting which publishers to approach. He has all the individual publishers’ phone numbers and email addresses!

If you want to self-publish, Geoff offers a consultancy service advising on the full range of options available, including e-books. He has helped many authors successfully self-publish. He may even project manage your book from the original manuscript through its editorial and design stages to finished printed copies.

If you need help promoting your book, he knows most of the book publicists in town.

Geoff’s personal interests lie in adult fiction, biography, memoir and history, but he also works with all kinds of books including speciality books, company histories and corporate profiles. Sorry, but his expertise doesn’t extend to fantasy fiction and young adult fiction.

Contact details: Geoff Walker, Ph: 09 378 8875, Mobile: 021 223 5045, Email:

Sue Reidy Communications – Writing, editing & project management services


  • Books – fiction and non-fiction (structural edits and copy edits)
  • Website content (planning, project management, copywriting or editing)
  • Business documents (strategy, writing, editing)
  • Corporate profiles (structural planning, copywriting)
  • Funding proposals (editing, shaping)
  • Promotional materials (copywriting, creative direction, project management)
  • Local government publications (communication planning, interviewing, writing, editing)
  • Company histories (writing, editing)
  • Newsletters (planning, interviewing, copywriting)
  • Speechwriting (personal and corporate events)

Sue Reidy is an Auckland-based business and technical writer, editor, speechwriter, blogger and web content provider. She provides business writing and web content for local bodies, not-for-profit organisations, educational institutions, corporate businesses and individuals representing a range of industry sectors.

In addition to her freelance corporate writing work Sue Reidy is also a New Zealand fiction author and poet. Two novels, The Visitation and Four Ways to be a Woman, were published internationally. The Visitation was shortlisted in the fiction category of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards. A collection of short stories, Modettes, was published by Penguin Books New Zealand. Sue is a previous winner of the BNZ Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, was a runner-up in the Sunday Star Times Short Story Competition and is a former Buddle Findlay Sargeson Fellow. Her short stories have been anthologised and also broadcast on Radio National. She has been a speaker at three international literary festivals.

Sue understands the high standard of writing and revising required to meet the requirements of an international market. She has a particular interest in providing professional communications for not-for-profit organisations. She has worked with service providers in the disability, youth services, mental health and equal opportunities sectors. Sue also has a network of other professionals in related fields such as design, photography and web development who can assist you to get your project completed successfully.

Contact details: Sue Reidy, Ph: 09 378 8883, Mobile: 021 637 887, Email:

Diane Lowther – Indexing and Proofreading


  • back-of-book indexing
  • proofreading
  • permissions work
  • reference checking
  • fact checking
  • picture research

A carefully constructed index is vital for most non-fiction books, providing easy access for readers. It is often an overlooked part of the book, but adds great value to the finished product.

I have compiled more than 300 indexes, for a wide range of clients. A selection of some of the great books I have worked with can be seen on my website:

I am a member of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers.

I index from a PDF file, a Word document or hard-copy proofs, and I can supply the finished index electronically, in a format to suit your needs.

I proofread both as a standalone job or combined with indexing. Combining proofreading, particularly a final read, with back-of-book indexing is efficient and cost-effective. I have proofread more than 100 books, as well as journal articles, newsletters, websites and exhibition labels.

Contact details: Diane Lowther, Ph: 09 303 2251, Mobile: 027 448 7963, Skype: diane.lowther, Website:

AM Proofreading and Editing / AM Publishing New Zealand


  • Proofreading
  • Copy Editing
  • Checking and Correction
  • Layouts
  • Photo Restoration

It is not easy for anyone who writes to see their own errors. And it is so easy to make mistakes - and we all make them. Some are fairly unimportant, some are just typos, but some can be disastrous and can adversely affect your whole document. Most people think they have got their work 'perfect' and are quite surprised when a proofreader makes a lot of corrections, but at the same time, are pleased to have the errors picked up by fresh, impartial eyes before going to print.

Adrienne has a love of English and studied Latin to university level, giving her a superb grounding in English grammar, so she decided to study for a Diploma in Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing, which she gained in 2008.

Her services are offered not only to publishing houses, but also to private and corporate sectors. She is a self-motivated and dedicated worker, with a love of challenging and interesting work; she has a wide general knowledge and good business skills, has great attention to detail, and also typesetting, layout, photographic and photo restoration abilities - to offer her clients.

Adrienne is a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors.

She loves working with writers and authors, helping them to add that final bit of polish to their book, so that their ideas are communicated in the clearest way, and the finished product is as professional as it can be.

Contact details: Ph: 09 521 0901, Mobile: 021 024 39870, Email: Website:

Gillian Tewsley – Pepperleaf Publishing


  • manuscript assessment
  • mentoring
  • structural edit
  • copyedit
  • proofread
  • index
  • book design and production

Pepperleaf is your easy, one-stop shop for everything from manuscript appraisal to editing, designing and preparing your book for print. We work in all areas of fiction and nonfiction. Pepperleaf rates are competitive, and our service is sensitive, caring, intelligent and very professional.

Pepperleaf owner/director Gillian Tewsley has 20 years’ experience working as senior editor and commissioning editor at New Zealand book publishers Penguin, Random House, Reed, Auckland University Press and OUP.

Crime writer Paul Cleave says: ‘My advice – make the manuscript the best you can, then give Gillian a call.’ You are welcome to read comments from Paul and other authors who have worked with Gillian.

Contact details: Ph: 09 422 3393, Email: Website

Eileen Sione – NZ & Pasifika Product Specialist (Wheelers)


My name is Eileen Sione and I work for Wheelers which is a large library supply company based in Auckland. I am the NZ & Pasifika Product Specialist for Wheelers and my role is to source and work with New Zealand and Pasifika title information on our website for our library and school customers.

I am finding that our customers are increasingly requesting self-published titles. While we receive some information from book reps, distributors etc. about newly published material I would like to ensure that authors that use Printabook are aware of what we do.

Here are points that they may be unaware of:

  • We list titles for all New Zealand and Australian libraries and Schools to view
  • We can highlight titles in our New Zealand, Maori & Pasifika email newsletter which goes out to thousands of Libraries and Schools across both NZ and Australia
  • Wheelers has a team of library Selectors that purchase for some New Zealand public libraries which we are contracted to
  • Authors can list their eBook for our schools and libraries to purchase
  • I would like to offer the opportunity to provide further information and to assist published authors to ensure that their print and/or eBooks are listed with us.

Please contact me directly if you wish to get more information.

Contact details: Ph: 09 479 7979 ext. 212, Email: Website:

We are always looking for more people to add to this directory so if you are competent, professional, able to provide a service and would like to be listed on this page please contact us.