Tasman / Nelson Independent Book Consultants

Below are the Independent Book Consultants listed within the Tasman Region.

Pam Berard – Puntilio Proofreading & Copy Editing


  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Rewriting

I am a trained proofreader and copy editor, with a background in creative writing and English language teaching, who is keen to help make your writing as error-free as possible.

I have proofread and copy edited webpages, academic papers, historical documents, a short fiction manuscript and children’s stories to publishing standard. Please see my website for further details.

I will proofread your text to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, and copy edit to improve clarity, consistency and readability. I can rewrite any passages or awkward phrasing that may be causing you difficulty.

I am familiar with US/NZ English and am experienced in working with non-native English speakers. I will help your writing to flow and sound more natural.

Dip. Proofreading & Editing

Dip. (Advanced) Creative Writing

Cert. English Language Teaching (CELTA)

Contact details: Pam Berard, Email: pemican@gmail.com Web: puntilio.webs.com

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